Are you a risk taker?

Mix & Match – Structured Data Cabling Systems

Within today’s economic turmoil, we are all averse to risk. And it is always a good idea to limit one’s risk as far as possible, especially if it comes FREE of charge!

Structured Data Cabling Systems is a long-term investment and the most difficult part of your IT infrastructure to repair or replace, so it makes sense to consider all possible options and to invest in new technology wherever possible. IT managers should not forget that a healthy structured cabling system is inextricably linked to productivity, service efficiency and expanded services that this infrastructure support. Obviously, price plays an important role when evaluating Structured Data Cabling Systems, but when comparing premium brands, the price difference tends to be insignificant, so what is most important?

Service Level & Support
Is the supplier a well-established and reputable company that will be able to service the product supplied? It can be the best brand in the world, but without local support when and where it is needed, it might not be a suitable solution after all.

It is all about Data Integrity
It is vital to install a system that provides optimum performance with adequate headroom to accommodate future technology. A warranty of the integrity of your structured cabling system, is usually FREE of charge from premium brands – if the correct installer, certification and testing procedures have been followed during installation, which must be done regardless of brand.

Why risk NOT getting a system warranty from a premium brand if it comes automatically with a well installed system with the necessary test results? Most of the premium brands offer a 25-Year Product, System Performance and Application Assurance Warranty IF you use their tested and certified products together, and not mix and match products from different vendors in one network. One less risk element for the IT manager and business to contend with in today’s risk averse times. Structured Cabling is the infrastructure on which all of your technologies reside.

Cable Feeder Systems Africa has worked diligently to create guidelines for outlining reliable systems for your workplace. Whether you are in the superhighway of your network at your data center or on cruise control out to a standard user, there is a clear path to proper reliable product and supply of product. CFS is ready to assist you with this very important and difficult decision with more than two decades of direct experience.

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