Copper Solution

We stock a wide range copper network solutions. These include voice, data, security, foil screen, fire resistant and general purpose cables. We also stock a wide range of tools and test equipment as well as general installation accessories. With cabling systems from various suppliers we have a solution to meet your performance requirements and budget, all available from stock in our warehouses ready for delivery to your required location.

Structured Cabling Solutions

Structured cabling forms the core of any infrastructure. At CFS we understand that it is imperative your cabling solution is reliable and performs without fault. Whether you are looking for a CAT5E, CAT6, CAT6A, CAT7/7A structured cabling system, we know we are able to supply a solution.

Tools & Test Equipment

We provide a wide range of test equipment, tools and general installation accessories.

Voice Cabling Solutions

Our WIREspeed telephone cable is designed for voice and fax applications including building and campus backbones. Standard multi-conductor telephone cables are available in indoor, outdoor universal, and underground heavy-duty versions. Cross-connect jumper wire and cream colour flat line cord is also available.


Ripcord Cable

We supply wiring for all types of Intercoms, Alarm Systems, Audio and Visual Equipment.

Cabtyre placeholder

Cabtyre Cable

High conductivity bunched plain flexible copper conductors to SANS 1411 Part 1. Insulated and colour coded with general purpose flexible grade PVC to SANS 1411 Part 2. Cores are twisted together and sheathed with a flexible grade PVC.

Coaxial Cabling Solutions

Our WIREspeed coaxial cables support all video and building automation system applications requiring coaxial cable. Standard cables are either RG-59, RG-59 + Power and Mini-Coax. RG59 + Power is a RG59 cable sheathed shotgun-style to a 0.5 mm2 power cable. Other coaxial cables are available upon request.

Communication & Security Cable

Communication cable is for use in wiring burglar & security alarms, public address systems, intercoms, telephone stations, speakers, instrumentation, control and other low voltage circuits.

fire resistant

Fire Reticulation Cable

The cable transmits power and signal to the emergency safety circuits which must operate in order to protect safety of people, valuable property and devices as well as facilitate firefighting during a fire in a building. The fire resistant cable retards fire, they do not emit toxic and / or corrosive gasses and they have a low smoke density.

Foil Screened Cable

Overall screened cable. Screens against external interference for data / signal transmissionulation is polypropylene.

General Purpose Cable

General purpose cable for use in conduit and trunking. It is installed in surface mounted or embedded conduits or similar closed systems and for fixed protected installation in or on lighting fittings and inside appliances, switchgear and control gear.