Cable Containment is an important part of installing a network’s infrastructure. The purpose of containment can be to support the cables en route, to make subsequent management of cables easier, to provide isolation of power and data cabling and also to make the installation aesthetically pleasing. Typically, products such as cable trays, cable ladders, and cable baskets are used to support a cable throughout the cabling route and trunking is used in the final presentation.are designed for indoor and outdoor use. Our enclosures are maintenance free and corrosion resistant, aesthetic design maximizing installation space and easy installation.


We stock a large rage of floor standing and wall mountable cabinets. Our solution range fulfills high density cabling requirements and offers advanced fiber and copper cable management options. We also stock a wide range of cable management accessories including plinths, mounting rails,shelves, power modules and cable trays.

Conduit & Sprague

We stock a variety of cable protection products ranging from high-quality plastic and metal cable protection conduits through spiral binding, braided sleeving to re-sealable and therefore reusable protective tubing.

Access Chambers

We stock prefabricated, stackable, access chamber systems. Manufactured from polyethylene they are extremely robust, easy to install and chemically resistant.

Underground Duct

We stock high quality ducting manufactured from virgin HDPE with an ultra slippery silicone co-extruded bore. This dramatically reduces the friction between the cable and the duct resulting in lower pulling tensions, less cable damage,longer pulls, and uicker installation.

PVC Trunking

We stock a wide range of slotted, rectangular and half moon PVC trunking to provide cable protection.

Voice Enclosures

We stock a range of enclosures for voice applications including battery, york and arial self support boxes.