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Our Brands

Strategic Partnerships

At CFS, we understand the importance of fostering strong and lasting strategic partnerships with leading local and international technology innovators, such as AFL Hyperscale, Corning, Molex, Hexatronic and Fluke Networks, which enables the delivery of customer-centric connectivity solutions.
In addition, cutting-edge optical communications technologies, such as 5G, FTTx and Hyperscale, allow us to address the data centre, enterprise, and telecommunications markets.

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Exclusive Brands

MEGAnet Logo

MEGAnet® is a premium South African brand established 20 years ago that offers a comprehensive range of copper and fibre products for both the telecommunications and data centre industries with emphasis on quality, durability, simplicity, flexibility, and a cost-effective project offering.

MEGAnet® ensures that the content of its products, stockholding, project protection and customised cable design is held locally to ensure that projects can be efficiently managed on the ground with minimal reliance on overseas’ resources and logistical challenges.

MEGAnet Series

Introducing MEGAnet Cs, our flagship high-end premium range that stands at the forefront of networking solutions, proudly competing with international brands.

Specialising in cutting-edge CAT6 and CAT6A technologies, MEGAnet Cs guarantees top-tier performance and reliability for seamless data connectivity. 

Setting the Cs range apart is the unwavering commitment to quality, reinforced by a robust 25-year performance warranty system, along with a 25-year product warranty for products within the approved system, ensuring longevity and peace of mind. The ‘Cs’ in MEGAnet Cs signifies a Certified Solution, attesting to our products’ compliance with industry standards and quality assurance.

Where innovation meets reliability. Your connection, our commitment.

Explore the excellence of MEGAnet Qs, our cost-effective solution designed to meet your networking needs without compromising on quality.

Positioned to compete with international brands, MEGAnet Qs specializes in CAT5E and CAT6 technologies, providing reliable connectivity at an affordable price point.

Backed by a 10-year link qualification system, our commitment to longevity and performance assurance is unmatched. The ‘Qs’ in MEGAnet Qs signifies a Qualified Solution, assuring customers of our products’ adherence to stringent standards.

Where affordability meets uncompromised quality. Your reliable connection, our qualified solution.