ARB partners with CFS

We are thrilled to announce a momentous milestone in the history of Cable Feeder Systems (CFS).

We have reached an agreement with ARB Holdings to acquire a majority stake in our company. This partnership signifies a significant milestone for both organisations and presents new opportunities for our valued stakeholders.

The collaboration with ARB Holdings is driven by a shared vision of enhancing our competitive edge and delivering greater value to our customers, employees, and partners. Rest assured, the qualities that have made CFS a respected industry leader will be preserved and built upon, including our strong customer relationships and unwavering commitment to quality and satisfaction.

Under the continued leadership of Sam Honeyborne, our management team will continue to steer CFS forward. There will be no changes to our company name, trading style, or the exceptional service we provide. This acquisition will not disrupt our operations, customer commitments, or employee relationships. Instead, it will enable us to leverage the combined capabilities of both organisations for continued growth.

We extend our gratitude to our customers, employees, and suppliers for their unwavering support. We invite you to explore our website’s article section for more details about this significant partnership and the exciting prospects it holds.

Botswana Branch Announcement

The establishment of a CFS branch in Botswana, is a strategic move, in response to the growing demand for reliable and efficient telecommunications in the country. With its proximity to South Africa, the new branch will serve as a regional hub for both local and international organisations, seeking quality solutions and support within the telecommunications industry.

The opening of the Botswana branch will bring the CFS name, with its extensive telecommunications expertise and reputation for high-end services, closer to the market. This will ensure easy access to local stock and unparalleled support for the industry in Botswana.

Namibia Branch Announcement

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