Why It’s Important To Only Purchase From An Authorised Distributor

Interior of large distribution warehouse with shelves stacked with palettes and goods ready for the market.

Why It’s Important To Only Purchase From An Authorised Distributor

As an authorised distributor, Cable Feeder Systems Africa (CFS) places emphasis on this standing as it has a significant impact on our relationship with our customers, as well as the industry at large.

When customers purchase products from unauthorised distributors, they place their business at risk because they are unable to guarantee that the products may be damaged, previously owned, defective, refurbished, stolen, pirated or may have serial numbers that have been altered.

CFS as an authorised distributor can provide the following:

  • A rich knowledge base that can provide customers with a range of solutions and services, for example, a correct bill of material, a project plan designed to the expected roll out; thus providing customers with the desired outcome at the right investment.
  • In-depth practical knowledge from previous installations, providing us with the professional expertise to successfully complete a solution offering.
  • The capability of providing stock locally and internationally, which allows for the smooth running and delivery of products on time.

Benefits of purchasing from CFS an authorised distributor:

  • Supply of genuine and high-quality products that are acquired directly from the manufacturers that have been stored in optimal conditions
  • Products that have healthy characteristics, performance, calibration and battery lifespan
  • Local support prior-to and after sale
  • Abridged linguistic barriers and/or other challenges that may be experienced when purchasing goods from different countries
  • Provision of products that are protected by the manufacturer’s warranty

At CFS we provide a comprehensive portfolio of structured cabling solutions to meet our customer’s needs. With our detailed manufacturer performance warranty, we give you peace of mind that your investment is protected.
Our Strategic partnerships:

At CFS, we understand the importance of fostering strong and lasting strategic partnerships with leading local and international technology innovators, such as AFL Hyperscale, Corning, Molex and Vertiv, which enable the delivery of customer-centric connectivity solutions.

In addition, cutting-edge optical communications technologies, such as 5G, FTTx and Hyperscale, allow us to address the data centre, enterprise, and telecommunications markets.